Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bonjour from across the pond

Paris is a pretty cool place, but it def. has it's ups and downs. So here's my Paris trip in a nut shell... We arrived through the chunnel which is not as cool as you would think. You go fast but theres really nothing too special about it. You go underground for a bit then pop up and bam! you're in France. We took a quick, and pretty poor private bus tour of Paris. But at night there was a music festival that just had thousands of bands playing throughout the city. I heard everything from Southern Baptist, to classical, to techno raves. It was a good time... But we walked around that night ended up eating dinner on the Champs Elysses.
The next day we had class, had a representative from the US Embassy come and talk to us for a bit. Interesting, but pretty diplomatic. That night everyone studied. Yes, you read that correctly, studied for our midterm the next day. Granted abottle of wine was involved, but still. The midterm could have gone better. It was a written exam, 4 questions each 400 words. We had an hour and half, i finished 2 questions in an hour so had to rush the last 2. Oh well.
Yesterday a group of us walked around the Sine river, ate at the Notre Dame, saw the Eiffel Tower again, and Champs Elysses again.
Today was the Louvre. Similar to the British, the Franch stole a bunch of cool looking shit too. The mona lisa is overrated. It was small and super crowded. But there was tons of things of things to see so it was pretty cool and since it is so big its impossible to see everything.
So Paris has tons of great things. The people are actually pretty nice and helpful despite the stereotype. The crepes and wine is delicious! And theres tons of things to see and do. On the other hand it is dirty and smells pretty bad, especially the metro. There is also a higher risk of pickpocketers and mugging. But all in all, I can't say anything bad about Paris.
I'm having a great time and have some great stories and memories already.
On to Brussels!
Au revoir!

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