Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's been a great time in London but all good things must come to an end... And on to Paris! London has been fun, but so damn expensive! Hopefully it improves a bit by going to the Euro.
So the last few days have been interesting. I can say that I saw everything that I really wanted to see and loads of stuff I hadn't planned but were well worth it. I've been to Churchill's war bunker which still has the maps of the world with pins in it from where the troops are. I saw Picasso, Monet, Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, Raphael and many more at the Tate modern and Natational Gallery. Saw some dinosaurs and rare gems at the National History Museum. I saw Abby road and took an absurd amount of pictures trying to recreate the famous beatles album cover. I just got back from the British Museum which houses a collection from every corner of the world. Pretty much the British just stole a bunch of cool shinny shit when they were conquering people. Now its all on display and "properly preserved" for anyone to see it, rather than giving it back to the original country. It worked out well for me and I got to see Cleopatra, the Rosseta Stone, and countless other priceless artifacts. It was by far the coolest museum I have ever seen.
School/class has actually been very interesting. Our professor is a cool guy and even though classes are 3 hours long, they usually go by relatively fast. But the best part has been the field trips. On Thursday we met with the CFO of Eastern Hemisphere for Conoco Phillips, the big oil company based in Houston. He is probably one of the top 10 people in this multibillion dollar company and he was willing to take a couple hours out of his day and talk to us about what he does and international business. He was very honest and allowed for an open discussion that was great; and although no tough questions were asked like about being a greener company or recording record profits last year it was still very informative.
This is one of the coolest places I've ever been to. You can go anywhere and get anything you need just by hoping on the subway (or the Tube as they call it here). Yesterday we felt like Asain food so went to Chinatown and had the most authentic Chinese food ever and then checked out a Moroco pub! I mean how cool is that! We tried to catch Bruno doing his stunt of walking around in hot pants and one of those fuzzy British hats, but just missed it. But did see some stuff for the Harry Potter premire, as you can imagine, they like their Potter. Whenever I go to a pub or the store I try a new beer. I have only had to try the same beer twice a couple times - and I have made sure to culture myself via beer... I haven't been too disappointed, in fact have been quite happy!
Tomorrow morning (7 am!) we take the chunnel over to Paris, but tonight it is going to be a cheap dinner and drinks in Kensignton Park.
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  1. Sounds like a great time! I love your description of the British Museum- it should be in all guide books...

    Jealous that you're getting ride the Chunnel!

    Be sure to have some street crepes for Megan. And let me know if you spot Statue of Liberty Jr.

    If you're looking for something unique- check out Sant Chapelle (all stain glass chapel in Paris).

    Ok... enough suggestions... :)