Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Class... Ugh!

Yesterday we had our first class. It was 3 hours on an overview and brief history of the EU. Its actually been really interesting and our professor who is young and pretty cool makes it ok. Today we have a 2, 3 hour classes and are on our lunch break right now. The European perspective on how and why the EU formed is much different than what I would expect to hear from the US.
After class yesterday we took a field trip to the Bank of England. It was actually kind of a disappointment, the tour guide was pretty dull and the movie they played could put anyone to sleep. But I did lift and hold a gold brick worth £277,000!
We had our welcome dinner last night as well. It's like they knew what we would want and brought us to a pub. The food may have been bad, but the beer was good so I'm not complaining.
We got another 3 hour class in about 5 minutes and then it looks like we're going to take a trip on the London Eye.
Tomorrow we visit Parliment and then have the rest of the day free. Tomorrow should be good!

PS. the hell with Favre!

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  1. Wow, I'd actually like to hear the shorted version about the EU. When you get back, maybe share a condensed version, say 5-10 minutes? I bet it's really kinda neat.

    All your blog posts are putting me to shame. Maybe I need to post something soon just to keep up with you. ;)
    Thanks for the update---keep 'em coming! Baby James says hello!