Sunday, June 14, 2009

more fish and chips

Today was another free day. Me and a small group spent it being traditional tourists. We took the tube over to the London Eye, didn't ride it but took lots of pictures. We are saving a trip in that for another day when we have the full group and can get a discount because we're students. We walked over to Big Ben and Westminister Abey. Again, we didn't go in because on one of our school trips we will be doing that as a class. We eventually wound our way to Tate Museum and took a tour there. As it turns out there are actually 2 Tate museums. We went to the British one instead of what we meant to, the modern one. Oh well, we'll save that for another day. Tonight we are just going to go to a local pub for students only and maybe take a stroll in Hyde Park. It stays light till really late here which is really nice.
The people here are great! And Kengsinton, where we are staying is a super nice place, but it makes life a little more expensive.
There's something about class tomorrow...
Take care!

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