Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parliment, Tate, and War Museum

Today was a great day, but loads of walking. We met under Big Ben went into a Parliment meeting room to talk to a member of parliment. He had great insight and talked very openly, candidly, and uncensored. From the way he made it sound, the political pressures involved can make independent thought away from the party's message.
After the meeting we got a tour from a a very knowledgable guide. It was really neat to see everything and hear about the history that is involved. At one point we had to stand, remove our hats as some senior whip leader walked by. They still employ many of their older traditions including silly white wigs. The longer and more rolls in a wig, the higher you rank. It was a great tour and I even saw the Magna Carta!
After Parliment a small group of us went to Tate Modern. Some stuff was really sool including giant furniture, some picasso and other neat works. There is also a handful of very strange "videos" that are considered art. To me these are just the strange works of years of heavy drug use.
Since the Churchill's War Room cost money, no one else wanted to go, but I did, and it was way worth it! Holy history that was neat!
Overall it was a good day. Tomorrow is class lecture (and to turn in my first homework assignement) followed by a visit to Conoco Phillip. So we'll see how that one goes.
Glad to hear the brewers are still in first place and I'm missing out on the whole Favre never ending saga.


  1. Got your email that you got to enjoy a Brains Beer (motto: it's Brains you want). Nice to hear your LaCrosse school habits came back so quickly. Pops

  2. I agree with your dad, I'm glad all that time and money spent in La Crosse hasn't gone to waste!