Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing human frogger in Frankfurt

Europe has been quite the adventure so far, then comes Strasbourg and Frankfurt.
Educationally speaking Strasbourg has the European Parliment, which after the tour I realized was the most inefficient and waste of money. The parliment has some 700 odd members who all work in Brussels but then come to Strasbourg once every 3 weeks to vote. So the building sits relatively empty the majority of the time. Our tour guide was boring and didn't add much, overall it was a bust. Then tomorrow we will visit the European bank, hoping for better results this time.
Strasbourg is hard to explain... It is currently a French town but has switched between Germany and France multiple times over the years. It was initially a hospital and is rumored to be the start of syphallis.... Not sure how true that really is. Nevertheless, it has some very pretty German architecture that lines the river. There's not a lot to do in the town and has a quite a few of crazy drunk homeless. We found a local Irish pub that was playing the US/Brazil soccer game. Apparently it was the only place in town that was actually showing it. There may have been a USA flag and USA chants involved, the French weren't too pleased with us...
Frankfurt is dominated by the bank. It has all modern buildings (not surprisingly because everything was bombed in WWII) that are all pretty and whatnot but it lacked soul. There is little to do and there are dirty strip clubs and homeless are all over. A group of guys and I did manage to find a small outdoor festival with a live band that was more like a wedding singer band. Despite a great brat and beer, I am glad we are only spending a day here.
As I am discovering in Europe, I am finding some common themes. I have decided that no matter where in Europe crossing the road can be a bit risky. At times it is like you are playing human frogger and just hope you time it right.
Got a long bus ride to Prague tomorrow. We have a paper due at the end of the week that needs to get written sometime during this time.

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