Monday, July 6, 2009

beer, brats, berlin

So in a land where delicious beer flows like water, I have yet to have a drop... Surprising I know, but I got a small bug so have been trying to get healthy quick. Nevertheless, Berlin has been pretty cool place. First night here I walked around for a couple hours with one other guy, just exploring the sights. We came across some remarkable buildings, including Brandenburg gate, some large imposing church, and a memorial to the individuals who fought against nazi's and for communism.
Today we had our last class (yay!) but it was a review scession for tomorrow's final (boo!). Afterwards we had a guided tour of Berlin seeing the Berlin wall (I got a piece), checkpoint Charlie, and just a bunch of other random stuff. There is loads to see here and the overlapping history as it has been a war torn nation for so long is interesting.
Berlin is prettz much 2 cities still, east and west with the west still far richer and better off than the east.
I was sad to miss out on all the 4th of July celeebrations but we threw our own celebration in Prague with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was as close to American as we were going to get. They had a cover band playing all kinds of American songs so it was pretty fun. It was no beer and brats poolside but it worked.
Got to go do my laundry. Hope all is well at home! Miss everyone!

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