Friday, July 10, 2009

Walked a marathon

So Fran has arrived and shenanigans have ensued. So I met up with Fran at the airport and found our way to the hostel. Not too bad of a hostel, we're in a room of 6, 2 Australian girls, 1 guy who is from Germany, but lived in California and talked with a British accent (I didn't get it, but he was cool so it was ok), and one ninja girl who doesn't talk and hides under the covers and pretends to be sleeping as soon as people walk in.
So the first night we walked around aimlessly for a bit in search of a market with beer. After a long and barely successful beer mission, we made our way back to the hostel met up with our roommates and another Aussie and played cards. they loved the games and all was well. Finished off the night with a late night run for a doner kebab, which is basically a gyro but they eat them like we eat Taco Bell here.
The next day we walked and walked and walked all over the city. We saw prettz much all the sights, Brandenburg gate, Check Point Charlie, the Hollucaust Memorial (which was the most sobering museum I have ever been to). Along the way we came across a church that had been bombed during WWII that still has part standing and Mike Tyson and his pose of street break dancers. Later on we found some great authentic german food and beer and met some cool people at the bar.
Today we are moving a little slow going to find the Berlin Wall and try not to walk so damn far.
Hope all is well at home! Miss everyone!

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