Monday, July 13, 2009

When in Rome

The last day or so in Berlin was pretty fun. We rented some bikes and took our own tour of Berlin. Within about 5 minutes of renting it started raining. We wandered to the Berlin wall and some guy was shoveling some into a wheelbarrow so I leaned over and asked for a piece. He found a good size chunk and handed it to me. Sweet! Shops throughout Berlin are selling bits and pieces of it for about €15.
Trying to leave Berlin was a bit of an adventure... We thought we had figured out which line would take us to the airport only to be disapointed. The stop we thought was incorrect, so we scrambled a bit to figure out which one. Once we did we had the wrong ticket and while trying to buy the correct one the train came and went leaving us to wait about 30 minutes for the next one. No worrying yet, we left with plenty of time. So we hop on the train fully believing that it will take us directly to the airport. NOPE! Just kidding, it stops at some random stop with no explanation. We chat it up with some German who didnt speak a word of English and determine that we need to take a bus to the airport. Well the lot of busses is horribly marked and luckily we jump on the correct one. We got about an hour and 15 or so till our flight leaves and a and 20 minute bus ride. The worry level is starting to creep up. As soon as the bus parks we hop off sprint to the counter get our boarding passes, but wait! Our bags our too big and have to check them, what I have to go over to that other counter and pay for it there and come back to you? That doesnt make sense but, ok. 45 minutes and counting... Woo! got it! Again hurry through security only to find that our doesnt have a gate assigned yet. Once it is and we get there it is more or less a free for all to pick out whatever seat you want. People literally ran to the plane. Whew! On the plane and peacing out of Berlin.
Hello Rome!
First night in Rome we met up with my friend that I met on the study abroad portion. We meandered through the streets found a local fair at the Roman castle. Food, music, and drinks. We were pretty tired and it was late by then so we just settled for dinner. Made our way to Piazza Novara with a big oblisque/fountain.
The next day was the tour of all of Rome. We saw just about everything and walked SO much! We would just be walking along and then boom! Trevi fountain or Spanish Steps. It doesnt matter where you wander there is so much cool stuff in the city. Saw the Colleseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and whatever else that was highlighted on the map. We walked for about 8 hours straight... But totally worth it! Today we had went to the Vatican and took a private tour under the vatican. Unbelievable is the only way to describe it. St. Peters remains are there so got to see that along with other tombs and foundations there. The bonus was that got us to cut through the hour plus long line that everyone else waited in to see the bascillica. The bascillica is not just enormous and incredibly imposing but the ornate decorations are just unreal. I know none of the pictures I took will do it justice.
Time to go find some food/wine and mingle with the other people here.
I love Rome! We got a couple more days here, I cant wait to see what else there is!

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