Friday, June 26, 2009

2,000+ Beers!!!!

Brussels is so far my favorite place! No one really thinks or hears anything about it, but this place is a good time. There may not be tons of sights to see like London or Paris, but the town itself is beaituful. And then the best part! A bar with 2,004 beers!!!! I may not get through all, but I'm going to see how far I can get. Oh and the chocolate and waffles are pretty delicious too. This pretty sums up my diet for while I'm here.
The reason we are here is because the EU is headquartered here. The whole city revolves around it and has such an international pressence here. We made a visit and talked to someone who works there. He was relatively interesting, but it was early, in a hot room and he had a tendency to trail off. Later a previous parliment member and now a current lobbyist. He was super interesting and we had a great open discussion.
I am glad to be out of Paris and into Brussels. The French arogance became pretty obvious towards the end. Paris is an cool city with beautiful sights to see, but the dirtiness/smelliness and some of the people I met on the last day left a bitter taste leaving.
I am super excited about the rest of the trip, especially Prague and Berlin. It doesn't look like I'll be able to post my pictures, so unless something changes I'm sorry about that and I'll show you all when I get back. I've all ready taken about 700...
We have the day off tomorrow and I found their national war museum which has a bunch of airplanes in it, so I'll obvious be there. And for tonight going to take another shot at 2,000 beers.
Hope all is well at home!

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