Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mind the gap

After much delay I finally made it to London! The trip from Milwaukee was delayed due to weather then the trip from Atlanta was delayed because ground crew needed more time to get all the luggage on (mine). Despite that it went pretty smoothly and maybe managed an hour of sleep. I was actually sleeping but then a woman fainted and everyone started yelling... she was fine but that ended my ability to sleep.
Everyone got here just fine and it seems like it is going to be a great group. Despite all of us being sleep deprived we all explored the best London has to offer... the pubs.
We're staying at a Holiday Inn in one of the nicest districts. Neighboring two bedroom flats cost somewhere around £500,000, super swanky area. I saw more Ferrari's today than I have in years of living in Wisconsin.
Because we have an odd numbered of people on this trip I somehow ended up getting a single room too. This probably won't last in other cities, but atleast for now it is nice.
Today was a sightseeing day. We took a guided bus tour and saw some of the major attractions; Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's, Tower London, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Big Ben, The London Eye and drove around the city core. It was awesome! We spent the majority of time at Tower London, and yes Dad I took a picture of your favorite pub, Hung Drawn and Quartered.
Everything is going really well! I am loving it here!
Tomorrow we have another free day and there is talk about going to some of the museums.
Hope all is well at home!

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  1. I was just thinking "I hope Joel posts something soon." Voila!
    It sounds like your group is seeing all the classic London spots. Excellent! Did you go inside Buckingham Palace, or just wander around the outside? Did you ride the Eye?
    Have fun at the museums.
    Watch out for humped Zebra Crossings! ;)